Differentiating American and European Roulette Wheel


Roulette has been a favorite casino game to play by most of the players. One can see a roulette table in most of the casinos. While playing the roulette, the aim is to predict the color or number the ball is likely to get stuck while the wheel is spun. The name roulette has arrived from a French title meaning wheel. Ever since its inventions, players have started embracing the mode of entertainment, and the excitement rose ever since. There are two main types of variations while mentioning the roulette wheel; American and European being the two respective ones. This variation is mainly due to the number of zeros present in the wheel. European wheel contains numbers from zero to 36, while American roulette contains 38 numbers with two double zeros on the wheel, making it difficult to win. This post will highlight the significant differences between playing on a roulette wheel, both American and European.


Short Insight

Even if you are playing in any roulette wheel, you should keep in mind the significance of zeros present in the wheel. With the presence of a zero, in the European wheel, the chances increase as there are enough chances the number can spin and hit any one of the numbers you already placed your bet on. At the same time, an American roulette wheel is considered virtually identical, and there is a presence of two zeros reducing the chances to win the singapore live casino game.

American Roulette

Firstly we will be discussing the American roulette wheel. Having said earlier that the wheel contains two double zeros, it is one of the wheels embraced by many people around the world. You can place the bet on any numbers on the wheel, both odd and even, and wait for the wheel to spin. While playing an American roulette wheel, one must know that it is very difficult to win as two double zeros present in the wheel. The chances are less compared to the European wheel.

European Roulette

The most embraced type of wheel is the European roulette wheel. One of the significant advantages of playing in a European wheel is the chances to win due to the presence of one zero, unlike the American roulette wheel. The European roulette wheel is otherwise known as the La Partage. Most of the players chose a European roulette wheel as it increases the chances of winning.

European Roulette


Roulette has always been a classic go-to game to many of the gambling and casino lovers. Be it American or European; the game is adorned by the players all around the game. The game has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you ever wish to visit any casino and wanted to play roulette, always search for European if you want to increase the advantage. If you are a professional in playing roulette, be it any, you can go ahead and resume playing in either American or European.

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